Home Care: 4 Signs That You Have A Slab Leak

Posted on: 9 February 2015

If you have a leak under your foundation, this usually comes from a water line or sewer line. This could be a slab leak, which is a hidden leak. And the following 4 signs may help you determine if you have this type of leak.

1. Watch Your Water Bills

The first thing you should start monitoring is your water bill. Save all your bills, and follow your regular water expenses. You can easily detect a leak when your bill is higher than it normally is. 

2. Walk Around Your Home Barefooted

This might sound strange, but a leak under your foundation could warm up your floorboards. And you may be able to feel this warmth. Walk around your floor, and try to detect any warm areas, especially if you suspect a slab leak. This usually only works when your floor is made of wood, vinyl or bamboo. Concrete or granite may work too, as long as they are not too thick.

You can try to break your floor in to look for the leak. But you might damage the water or sewer pipes even further if you do not know how to properly find the leaky pipe.

3. Start Crawling

Another strange way to find out if you have a leak under your floor is to simply bend down, and put your ear to the floor. Do you hear rushing water? If you happen to have concrete or other thicker types of flooring, you might need to use some type of hearing device like a stethoscope. You can also talk to your leak detection specialist to find out if you have a leak.

4. Look For Spots

Look for damp spots on your floor. The danger at this point is a little more than just a higher water bill. Damp spots on your floors could easily turn to mold or mildew. Mildew and mold can cause costly damage to your foundation and are also known to be unhealthy, should you or your family inhale them. 

Remember to call your leak detection specialist if you notice a higher water bill. This could mean that the leak is seeping to an area that you cannot detect, like the soil beneath your foundation. The soil will expand and can cause even more damage to your foundation. As you can see, detecting a slab leak is not too hard, but it is extremely important to take care of. 


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