FAQs About Winter Fires

Posted on: 27 October 2016

During the winter, there is an increased risk of experiencing a house fire. Before the winter season arrives, it is important that you and your family take precautions to protect yourself fire. You also need to be prepared in case a fire does occur. Here are some things you need to know before winter arrives.

Why Are Fires More Likely in Winter?

There are a number of reasons that the chances of experiencing a house fire is increased. For instance, heating systems are relied upon more during the cold weather. Poorly maintained or malfunctioning systems can lead to fires.

Holiday decorations also account for some of the house fires that occur. Holiday decorations, such as candles, can start a fire. A Christmas tree left too close to a heat source could also create a hazard.

In addition to these causes, holiday cooking contributes to fires. Incorrectly using cooking equipment, such as a turkey fryer, can quickly lead to the development of a fire. Even though fireworks-related fires are less prevalent, there is still a possibility one could occur.

What Can You Do?

To protect you and your family, there are several ways you can lower your home's chances of experiencing a fire. For instance, you can have your heating system serviced to ensure that it is ready for the upcoming usage. Small maintenance steps, such as changing the filters, can help lower the chances of it causing a fire.

If you are using holiday decorations, such as candles, this year, ensure they are not placed anywhere near other objects that can start a fire. Instead of placing a candle near a tree, place it in a sturdy holder at least a foot away from other objects.

What If a Fire Occurs?

The most important thing to do is ensure that everyone in your household is safe. Do not allow anyone back into the home until it has been inspected for safety. Fire can render your home structurally unsound. Once you are cleared to enter the home, you can start the process of salvaging your belongings.

A fire damage service can aid in this process. Professionals can help with cleaning the soot and water damage caused when the fire was extinguished. Correctly cleaning the water damage is important because, if incorrectly handled, mold and mildew could develop. The service also has experience in salvaging invaluable items, such as family photos and other heirlooms.


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