How To Repair A Leak In Your Roof

Posted on: 27 October 2016

Leaky roofs can be caused by a number of problems. It could have been caused by rotten wood beneath your shingles, a roof vent issue, or even from poorly caulked dormer windows. No matter the cause of your leak, if left undetected, it can cause a bigger problem such as interior damage or even mold/mildew problems. See below for helpful tips on how to repair a leak, as well as preventative maintenance you can be doing to help prevent these leaks.

Finding A Leak

You may not even know that you have a leak until it's too late. Look for stains on your roofing shingles, which may indicate water settling into one area. If you notice stains on your shingles, remove some shingles just above the stained area to see if the wood beneath is still in good shape. If the wood feels soft or looks like it has any water damage, you'll need to replace the wood and the shingles. You can also detect a leak by looking in your attic for any water damage signs by inspecting the rafters, ceiling and insulation.

Repairing A Leak

Plywood Leak. Replace rotten wood beneath the shingles that have been damaged by water. Contact a roofer for help with this if you need it, as it is a big job to remove the shingles and replace the plywood beneath.

Vent Leak. Leaks around vents and vent boots should be repaired by inspecting the nails holding the flashing in place. These nails can get loose or may possibly be missing. Replace any missing nails and add extra nails to hold it in place properly. Also inspect the rubber gasket at the base of the boot. If it's cracked or looks worn, replace this gasket.

Gutter Leak. Other leaks may be caused by clogged gutters. If your gutters have a build up of leaves and debris, it works like a dam and the water has nowhere to go. This buildup of water can reach the edge of your roof, and eventually rot the wood beneath your shingles. You may notice damage to your walls if the leak not taken care of. Your shingles and wood beneath will need to be replaced, as well as any damaged soffit/facia.

If you have larger issues, contact a leak repair company.

Preventative Tips

Inspect your roof. Inspect your roof every spring to ensure you do not have any damage from the winter months. Look for stains and feel for soft spots. Replace any damaged or loose shingles. Also inspect the vents on your roof and make any necessary repairs.

Caulk around dormers. If you have dormer windows, be sure to caulk around the windows and trim work connecting to your roof. Inspect any flashing around this area as well to ensure it is properly installed and still intact.

Keep gutters clean. Keep your gutters free of debris and leaves to ensure it doesn't cause a dam and damage your roof or interior walls.

Keep an eye on your roof and perform preventative maintenance on your home to prevent leaks.


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