Window Wells And Flooded Basements

Posted on: 3 November 2016

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of the average homeowner quite like the thought of a flooded basement. Yet, for many, the ways in which water penetrate a home remain shrouded in mystery. If you would like to help protect your home against flooding by learning more about vulnerable parts of the basement, read on. This article will discuss how window wells can provide a point of entry for unwanted water. 

Window Wells

Windows are a wonderful feature for a basement, as they allow at least some natural light into the space. Unfortunately, the excavated window wells that allow light to down to such windows often allow excess water to pool up--eventually finding its way into your basement. There are three main ways to manage this problem: attending to clogged gutters, installing a window well drain, and adding a cover to your window well.


As with many different varieties of basement flooding, clogged gutters play a large role in window well flooding. A clog will cause the water in the gutter to back up, eventually spilling over the edge. Oftentimes this results in a stream of water directed right down into your window well. By removing excess debris and restoring proper gutter and downspout functionality, you may be able to keep water from seeping in around your windows.

Window Drain

If the problem persists even after a thorough gutter cleaning, it may be necessary to install a window well drainage system. Those who live in parts of the country subject to high annual rainfall often have to resort to this solution. Most window well drains work by redirecting excess water to an outdoor drain tile. A PVC pipe carries water down through the soil to a drainage system.

If your house is situated on sloping ground, you may also be able to install a drain that simply redirects the water to a point farther down the hill. For those who do not have a pre-existing drainage system, this is often the least expensive method.

Window Well Cover

Even those who already have window well drains installed may find themselves dealing with persistent leaks. This is generally the result of a drain tube that has become clogged with dirt, leaves, and other yard debris. Clearing out the drain should restore functionality. However, it will not ensure that the same problem does not develop again. Consider installing a clear plastic well cover to keep debris from clogging up your window well drain.

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