Everything You Need To Know About Your Foundation Waterproofing Systems

Posted on: 9 November 2016

No matter what type of foundation you have, there is probably some type of waterproofing system. This can include interior and exterior systems, as well as drainage design. Some homes, such as basements, are more likely to have water problems. Crawl spaces and slab foundations are also affected by waterproofing problems. Here are some of the different waterproofing systems that you may need for your home:

1. The Basement Waterproofing That May Fail And Require Repairs

There are many different issues that can cause water problems due to failing waterproofing. This can start with cracks that eventually cause the sealant to give in, and this is where leaks begin. In addition, existing repairs need to be inspected regularly, and they may need to be redone every few years to ensure that your home is protected from leaks. There are also other improvements that can be done to reduce strain on a basement waterproofing systems, such as improved foundation drainage design.

2. The Drainage Systems In Landscaping And Around The Foundation That Keep Water Out

The landscaping around your home can also have an effect on your basement waterproofing. This can be due to poor grading design that allows for water to flow towards your home's foundation. To reduce these problems, consider improving landscaping design and adding other drainage solutions to your home to help keep the water away from the foundation. Adding drainage pipes and channels may be a good investment if your home has issues with watershed flowing towards the foundation.

3. The Old Asphalt Waterproofing That Can Crack And May Need Patching Or Replacing

Asphalt waterproofing as been used for decades to seal foundations, but it has the problem of drying out as it ages. Eventually, asphalt sealants can crack, and this can cause more strain on your basement waterproofing and even lead to leaks. The asphalt sealant may need to be repaired or replaced if it is damaged. If you are replacing the waterproofing on your foundation, you may want to consider using a layered membrane system that is less likely to fail. Some of these systems are also designed to reduce static water pressure that can cause damage to your foundation.

If water has gotten into your basement due to foundation problems, then there is a good chance of this leading to mold problems. You can contact a mold remediation contractor to help with the removal of mold and begin cleaning up and doing the repairs to your foundation. 


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