Hold On Before You Rush To Repair Water Damaged Drywall Yourself

Posted on: 16 November 2016

If your home has been compromised by water damage, you likely want to get it repaired as quickly as possible. Perhaps you have plans to make some of the repairs yourself to save on repair costs, especially if you did not have insurance to cover the damage. Some people consider drywall repair as an easy do-it-yourself task, but they fail to realize the complexities that can occur when drywall has been damaged by water. The following are a few points to keep in mind about your repair needs. 

Do not attempt to paint or install tile over water-stained drywall.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they can paint or tile over stained drywall. This action may deliver temporary aesthetic relief. However, it is a serious issue because the stains are indicative of water damage, and it is possible that mold spores may already be present even if you do not see them. The mold spores can thrive on the underside of the drywall that you cannot see. It is also possible that, as time passes, the mold will present itself through tile grout, exposing what you mistakenly thought you were getting resourceful and crafty by covering it up.

Understand that some of the water damage may not be visible.

Some people make their own assessments about their water damage. They use the stains on their sheetrock to try to gauge which areas need to be repaired. However, this is faulty reasoning because there might be extensive water damage on the backside of the drywall without any stains showing on the exterior. This means that if you simply replace portions that only appear stained, you will likely miss the hidden contamination. The backside of your drywall is an ideal place for rampant mold growth because the area is dark. Over time, the contaminated drywall can spread mold to other building materials in your home and might make your family experience mold sickness.

Ensure that your home is checked for mold and mildew before replacing drywall.

If you are insistent about performing your own drywall repair, the least you should do to protect your property is have it inspected for mold spores and treated if any spores are detected. If you use a drywall installation contractor, such as those at Napa Drywall, as a resource, they will ensure that this attention to detail is done prior to repairing your home's water damage. The experts will also know how to inspect drywall for hidden damages. This is the best option for determining whether a replacement or full installation is needed. 


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