How Clock Restoration Can Be A Meaningful Gift

Posted on: 28 December 2016

Are you still trying to figure out what to get your parents or grandparents as a gift? Does one of them own an heirloom clock that has seen better days? Although you and your family may be under the impression that there's nothing to be done for the clock, that may not be true. Here are some things that a restoration expert can do for your family's prized antique clock:

Custom replacement parts: When it comes to clock restoration, many times the internal workings aren't exactly available for purchase at a modern store. A master craftsman then has to make plans to create each piece from scratch. A skilled restorer may use a variety of materials that could be all but impossible to find now, helping to restore your clock to its proper original working condition. This is the same attention to detail that has kept your clock in more or less one piece over the years. With the proper restoration work being done on the clock, your family will be able to pass the clock down to the next generation and for many generations to come. 

Restore decorations: If you have a slightly more modern antique clock, it may have standard gears and other internal workings that are relatively easy to replace. What's not so easy to replace, however, are the external decorations. If the clock in question had two birds as decorations and one has been broken off accidentally at some point in the past, it's easy to think that the bird is now gone for good. But an expert in clock restoration will be able to copy the remaining bird, mirroring it if necessary, so that the clock is able to regain its original beauty.

Keep meaningful damage: Sometimes, you may not want to repair all of the damage that's been done to a clock over the years. Each ding, scratch, and missing part can tell a story. While you might want to remove and restore the anonymous damage that the clock has accumulated over the years, you may want to keep some of the damage as a reminder. For example, if the clock was one of the few belongings brought with your family when they moved to America, you might want to keep a few of the scrapes as a reminder of that difficult journey. A good clock restoration not only brings a clock back to working condition, it also allows you to keep your family's memories intact.

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