The Mold Problems In Your Home That You May Be Little Aware Of

Posted on: 29 December 2016

Mold can be a problem in your home that you may not even be aware of. There are times when obvious water damage from plumbing or flooding can cause mold. Other problems like leaks, moisture from plumbing, or condensation can cause mold to start to grow in your home. Even though a mold problem may start small, it will grow. Here are some of the mold problems that start small in your home and lead to bigger issues:

1. Issues with Small Plumbing Leaks That Are Perfect for Mold to Grow

Plumbing issues are one of the most common ways that mold begins to grow in homes. While the bigger leaks will have obvious signs of a problem, smaller leaks can go unnoticed and be even worse when mold grows. The small leaks provide a constant supply of moisture for mold to grow, which will eventually begin to spread throughout your home.

2. Leaks on The Exterior of Your Home Causing Invisible Mold Problems

Leaks from exterior features like roofing, decks and windows can also be a problem that cause mold growth. The exterior leaks can sometimes not be seen inside or outside of your home, which is why mold can begin to take over before you notice. If you notice things like watermarks on walls, damage to the roof or other problems, inspect these issues for signs of water getting in your home. If there is water getting into the walls, the issue needs to be corrected, and you may need to have mold removal done if mold has begun to grow.

3. Condensation from Exterior Walls and Other Areas That Cause Mold Growth

Condensation can be another issue that leads to mold growth. This can happen in many areas, such as in a basement where humidity and temperature changes cause condensation to form. This is why it is a good idea to use water resistant materials in a basement. Other areas like air conditioning ducts can also be a place where condensation causes mold. The musty humid smell in certain areas of your home may be a sign that there is a problem with condensation that needs to be addressed.

Mold issues in your home will start small and lead to bigger issues. Contact a mold removal service like Dove Services Inc if you have found some of these problems and mold has begun to take over your home. The sooner you have the mold removed, the less likely it will to cause major damage. 


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