4 Things That You Need To Consider Before You Begin Your Fire Damage Restoration

Posted on: 2 April 2019

It can be stressful to deal with a house fire and the repairs that are needed afterward. Therefore, you want to ensure that the restoration work is done correctly. You need to have your home inspected and repair structural issues, mechanical systems and deal with water and smoke. Here are some of the things that you will want to consider when dealing with fire damage restoration:

1. Dealing with Water Damage and Demolition After a Fire

When your home has had a fire, there is likely going to be water damage due to the water used to put the fire out. You want to make sure that all the water is cleaned up before you can begin the restoration. In addition, you will also want to begin demolition and remove the most damaged materials that have been damaged by the fire, smoke or water that was used to put the fire out.

2. Inspecting Your Home and Making a Repair Checklist for Damage

Once you have begun cleaning everything up and demolition of the damaged materials, you will need to have an inspection done. First, the structure of your home needs to be inspected to determine what repairs need to be done to the wood framing. In addition, the mechanical systems like plumbing, electrical, HVAC and gas utilities will also need to be inspected. Make a list of repairs that need to be done according to the results of the inspection.

3. Cleaning Up the Smoke Damage to Get Rid of Smells and Hazards

There is also going to be smoke damage after your home has had a fire. Sometimes, this can be visible due to soot that is on materials. There are also other areas where the smoke damage may not be as visible. It is important that the smoke is cleaned thoroughly by a professional service to get rid of the smell and any hazardous residues that are a result of the house fire.

4. Completing Structural and Mechanical Repairs After the Cleanup Process

After you have completed all the other steps, you will be ready to begin restorations. Before you can start, you will need to do the repairs to the structure and mechanical systems to ensure your home is safe and there are no problems. Do these repairs before you begin installing drywall and new materials in your home.

These are some things that you will need to consider when dealing with fire damage restoration. If you need help with repairs and improvements to repair your home after a fire, contact a fire damage restoration service to help begin getting things back to the way they were. 


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