What Smoke Does To A Home And How To Restore It

Posted on: 2 October 2019

Whether you are renting an apartment or abode out and now you have to clean and restore it, or your home had some major smoke (but no fire) issues, smoke can still damage a home. In fact, you might be surprised at just how smoke can make a mess of things. Here are different kinds of smoke and smoke damage, and how smoke damage restoration services fixes these issues. 

Cigarette and Pipe Smoke

Apart from the constant, stale, stink of burnt tobacco, this kind of smoke damage goes deeper into surfaces and furniture than you might think. On walls and cabinets, the cigarette and pipe smoke seeps into the wood and through the paint, discoloring everything a dingy yellow to a medium brown. With furniture, the smoke seeps into the upholstery and even the foam underneath the upholstery fabric. If you rented out your spare apartment or home to make money, and you asked people not to smoke but they did anyway, you may be looking at this kind of damage right now. 

To get this kind of smoke damage out, the restoration specialists need to deep-clean your furniture with upholstery tools and upholstery detergent to extract the smoke. With walls and wood surfaces, everything has to be scrubbed with a deep, multipurpose surface cleaner, followed by a neutralizing deodorizer. You can watch them for a few minutes to see what comes off on their paper towels or rags; it is not pretty. 

Smoke from Burning Food or Fire in the Furnace That Did Not Produce Fire Damage

Smoke from burning food in the kitchen, as well as a fire in the furnace that does not produce any major fire damage, both produce an abundant amount of smoke and smoke damage. Billows of smoke from both these kinds of smoke "fires" roll up and along ceilings and around the tops of walls. The damage restoration specialists will have to deep scrub the ceilings and tops of walls, and then a deodorizer has to be used to get the lingering smells out of the surface areas in your home. If there is any dark smoke stains that are resistant to being removed, these areas may need to be sanded down, patched, and repainted or painted over if the remaining stains are light enough to be covered with paint. As long as there was no fire damage and only smoke, these restoration approaches will be enough. 

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